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A Vote for America 

“I am not the easiest person to get along with.” – Martin Hyde

Easy to get along with or not, Martin is a fighter. He has been pushing back against the establishment for years. Martin stands up and says what everyone else is thinking, and that is his goal. He isn’t going to stay in office for sixteen years. He isn’t going to take your vote and waste it on liberal agendas and missed promises. Martin is a Fighter and is going to fight for American first policies that will benefit us all today, tomorrow and for the next generation. 


Local Action 

National Impact

What happens in our backyard matters. It is important to remember that even our Congressional representatives have an impact on our local politics. When a R.I.N.O is at the top of the district he or she will create space for more R.I.N.O.’s

City Commission

The city has been wasting taxpayer money for years. Martin does everything possible to ensure they are aware of their poor choices. 

School Boards

Martin doesn’t shy away from a fight, as a parent and the voice for many he has been fighting the indoctrination culture at school boards for years.

America First


Any legislation that seeks to strip your rights is one that Martin will stand for. Martin knows that America First means just that, policies and laws that help the American people. Not support private and foreign interests.

Common Sense

Common Sense Foreign Policy is simple. Stop letting China and Russia dictate the price of goods. Bring manufacturing back to America. We have to put American workers first, or we won’t be able to defend ourselves later.

National Defense

National Defense is built by having a strong economy. It really is that simple, by making good economical choices, and building back American manufacturing we can ensure our safety. 

Reduce Debt

Unlike my rival, the R.I.N.O. I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling 15 years in a row. We have to reduce our debt and work on a budget, this is required for every business to be successful, and if the IRS expects this of individuals then our government should be held to the same or higher standard.

Protect Freedom

God Given Rights

Martin understands the impact of limiting God-given rights and government overreach. Martin will defend the constitution as a divine document, including our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Your Freedom

The simplest way to strip people of their freedom is to take away their means of defense. No government should control your ability to defend your property, family, and life. 

Freedom of Speech

It’s time to take back freedom of speech. Too long now have we been silenced by Social media, Google, and the like, just because we disagree. Martin will make sure that section 230 limiting big techs’ ability to suppress your voice is reinstated. 

Constitutional Conservative

The Constitution

As a Constitutional Conservative Martin believes in our inalienable rights. These are God-given rights that we all have and should not be infringed on by any politician.

Eliminate RINO's

R.I.N.O.’s or Republicans in name only are dangerous. They hide in plain sight taking votes away from real republicans.  Then they vote with Democrats. We have to stop the R.I.N.O.’s before its too late. 

Election Integrity

Taking back our elections and ensuring all real votes are counted is paramount. It might seem like an uphill battle but with common sense and voter ID regulations, we can preserve our system of government for many generations. 

Right to bare arms

Protect it

Defending this right at all costs is necessary for every republican in office. The R.I.N.O.s that are in office jeopardize our ability to protect this right. 

Constitutional Carry

It’s in the constitution, which means you have the right, without limitation or regulation. All law-abiding citizens should be legally authorized to carry a firearm 

Term Limits

Career Politicians

Our founding fathers never wanted career politicians. It was supposed to be a part-time job. Term limits protect us all from corruption, it really is that simple. 


If you think anyone can be a congressional representative, think again. Martin has some resources and funding this campaign on his own is within his ability. However the money in politics is substantial, where does it come from, and more importantly why? Most businesses don’t donate money to governments out of kindness and career politicians almost always end up million or billionaires. Coincidence? Probably not. 

Your Vote

We can institute term limits any time we want, just vote the incumbents out after 6 years. Unless they are really working. In FL 16 we haven’t seen our representative present a bill in over a decade. 

Energy Independence

Oil Dependence

We don’t need to depend on anyone we can get our fuel, natural gas, and electricity here in the United States. We have the resources we can safely obtain, now is the time to stand on our own and remove the road blocks that stop us from being free from foreign oil. 

Improve Infrastructure

Reduce waste, improve our vital services and electricity delivery. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel but we can make it more efficient. 

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