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Meet Martin

Defending Freedom, Protecting American Prosperity, Your Voice in Congress

Martin already stands up for the citizens of Florida 16. Working with local advocates to ensure that you maintain your, parental rights, right to bare arms, and pushing back against the R.I.N.O.’s that steal your vote for Conservative governance by being “the most by partisan Congressional Representative in Florida.” Martin isn’t going to cross the aisle, because liberal legislation is dangerous to our republic. 

Why Martin 

Martin Hyde is Florida District Sixteen’s Conservative Choice for Congress. Martin has lived in Sarasota for 20+ years and has a proven track record for success. A former U.K. professional soccer player and Sarasota business owner, Martin will take his passion and unapologetic approach to Congress for you.  

Defending Freedom  

Martin understands the impact of limiting God-given rights and government overreach. Martin will defend the constitution as a divine document, including our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Protecting American Prosperity 

Martin understands supply and demand, employment issues, and how to grow a profitable business. As your congressman, he will prioritize manufacturing jobs, oil independence, and trade agreements that grow the U.S. economy. 

Your Voice in Congress 

Knowing that local action has national impact, Martin is already vocal about the issues that impact our community. Martin frequently speaks out about conservative issues at local school board, city, and county commission meetings.

Campaign Goals

America First 

For too long we have been worrying about everything else instead of what is in front of our faces.  America First simply means that we will take care of our business ahead of other interests. This is common sense in most other aspects of our lives but we have allowed our politicians to wander off in any direction they like. District 16 first, then Florida, then the rest of the country. Until we are at a point of success here, everyone else can get lost with their requests.

Second Amendment

The ability to defend against enemies foreign and domestic is at the heart of our constitution, our freedom, and our country. The Second Amendment clearly states “shall not be infringed”. It’s not up to interpretation and for good reason. Those that think it is are on the wrong side of history. Even though our current leadership stated incorrectly “you couldn’t buy a cannon”, well Joe you certainly could then and can now!

Term Limits

Elected office is not meant to be a career, and we should not allow it to be. Far too often we end up with politicians who have outlived their usefulness and become liabilities instead of working for the people. Career politicians are ruining our country and the logical solution to this is enacting term limits.  Get in, do your job for a couple of terms, then go home. It’s that simple.

“Government of the People, by the People, for the People”

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