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Martin Hyde

 Your Constitutional Conservative

Martin Hyde will continue fighting for change. They have tried to cancel him twice and have failed. Now the gloves are off and Martin can stand up to the establishment on both sides of the aisle. 

The Voice for the People 

Whether you agree with his antics or not. Martin has been standing up for all of us for nearly eight years. During that time he has been a constant target. Why? What has be done? What does he know that they don’t want getting out? Register now to learn more. 

A Vision For The Future

The establishment has preserved its hold on us long enough. Martin will continue his fight to stop them. Learn more about what you can do to remove the barriers that prevent qualified representation for us all!


Local Action has National Impact

The local action candidate when he ran for office, Martin knows the importance of paying attention to your backyard. Martin will be sharing steps you can take to help effect change in your community.

Local Action

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 It is up to all of us to effect change. Martin will continue to fight for us but without you there is only so much he can do. Join now to learn how you can impact your community and stand up to the establishment.

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Now is the time to push back

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There is no time to waste. The establishment gets stronger everyday. There is a reason they target Martin it because he is determined to disrupt the establishment. Our leaders should be the best qualified and not the best funded. 

Tucker Carlson 

We all make mistakes, it’s what we do after that makes the difference.

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Our newsletter will provide insights on local matters, opportunities to participate in local action and much more. 

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